Hi, my name is Ashwin Hariharan and I'm a full stack engineer originally from Mumbai. I love working with open source technologies, my interests in technology usually revolve around machine learning, data visualization, database architecture and user-experience design.
I started out as a front end developer in the year 2014, moving towards back-end and eventually full stack development. Working in startups where I had to don multiple hats have made me appreciate the many challenges involved in shipping a great product. I believe that understanding abstract concepts like the human psyche and UX is equally important (if not more) as writing code.
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Work Timeline

Adori Labsmore_vert

Software Engineer - Backend

Dec 2015 - Jun 2016
Adori Labs close
Backend Engineer for Adori Labs - where people make audio more interactive and provide detailed audio analytics.
  • Database architecture in Cassandra, providing scalable data modelling solutions
  • Restful web services and crawling RSS feed in Go
  • Using queuing systems like Apache Kafka for scalability
  • Web Admin Panel using ReactJS

Freelance Front End Developer

Oct 2015 - Nov 2015
Stride.AI close
Freelanced remotely as a front end developer for Stride.AI, a data and text analytics company.
  • Choosing dashboard theme, migration of existing dashboard and data visualizations into the new theme and providing front-end architecture in ReactJS
  • Developing app on Zendesk platform to integrate Zendesk's ticket system with Stride's APIs
Toorq more_vert

Full Stack Developer & Engineering Lead

Nov 2014 - Sep 2015
Toorq close
Web development for toorq.com, a social media network for connecting people based on geographies.
  • Architecting and implementing front-end logic and views of application, AJAX, page navigation, user interactions, application widgets, product tour using HTML5, JavaScript, ReactJS, Google Maps API and JQuery. Browser optimizations, minification etc done using Webpack module bundler.
  • Architecting and implementing server-side logic of application like user sign-up, login and user privileges, session management, API development for newsfeed, subscriptions, notifications, posting, editing, deleting etc. using NodeJS, NPM modules and database middlewares
  • Architecture, development and administration of a hybrid database solution (Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis) for storing and retrieving user info, feed data, page info etc.
Infratab more_vert

Front End Developer

Jul 2014 - Oct 2014
Infratab close
Front-end development for infratab.in, an app for retailers for tracking perishable commodities.
  • Developing the Front-End logic and views of applications, AJAX, user interactions and product tour using libraries / MVC frameworks jQuery, IntroJS, and Marionette.js
  • Unit testing front-end code and UI testing using MochaJS and CasperJS

Tech Skills

Database Modelling
Amazon AWS
Google Cloud Platform
RESTful Web Services
Google Maps API
MapBox API
JavaScript Libraries

Some of my projects


Admin control panel project that allows you to use data visualization components in ReactJS.

Namma Police

A location-aware android app, to help citizens connect with local police / law enforcement agencies, and helps visualize crime data in real time

A friend and I developed the app during a hackathon - I wrote the backend logic and the web app, while my friend made the android app


A task management tool which helps you organize your daily tasks. Has features like login/signup, tracking active and completed tasks, and it's responsive for mobile devices

Wanna know more about them and other projects as well? I'd love to discuss them with you!

What do I do apart from work ?

I believe in taking care of my health, and have a rigorous fitness regimen - in the mornings you'll usually find me jogging or cycling, and working out at the nearest decent cross functional gym in the locality. At other times you'll find me huddled up reading a book or gaping in wonder at some amazing blog that I just read on the internet.

I'm a tech blogger, sometimes I try my hand on writing about other stuff too! In my free time I try to mentor people and help them learn how to code. I've also had opportunities to teach people in workshops on more than few occasions (and not necessarily for a fee).

"Teacher on occasions, student for life"

Anything related to science or psychology excites me a lot. If you are into topics like The Origin and Fate of the Universe, The Big Bang or Black Holes, or Biology - I would love to have a conversation with you! You'll find me pondering about such deep scientific / philosophical bullshit when I'm high (on water ;) ).

Some random stuff

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Blog posts read
Series watched
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