I love to experiment and work on data science, machine learning and deep learning. Take a look!

Vehicle Detection for Self Driving Cars

Used Computer Vision and Machine Learning techniques to detect and track vehicles for a self-driving car.

Predicting donors for non-profits

Used supervised machine learning to analyze a data-set of donors and predict which ones were most likely to donate.

Identifying Customer Categories

Used Unsupervised Machine Learning techniques to identify customer segments for a distributor, so that the distributor can get insights on how to best structure a delivery service to serve them better.


Admin control panel project that allows you to use data visualization components in ReactJS. Can be easily plugged into an existing ReactJS project with a NodeJS backend.

Dog Breed Classifier

A Deep Learning project, in which I experimented with Convolutional Neural Networks to identify canine breed given an image of a dog. If given image of a human, the network identifies a resembling dog breed.


In this project, I explore Reinforcement Learning to train a driving agent and navigate the cab to the destination, in a simulation game.

My projects usually are a healthy mix of machine learning, deep learning and full stack application development.

Personal Blog

I love medium.com's user interface, so I designed a blog theme using a material design CSS library. Uses a static site generator to convert Markdown to pages, hosted on Gitlab. Responsive on web and mobile.


A location-aware app, to help citizens connect with local police / law enforcement agencies, and helps visualize crime data in real time. Also wrote a blog series on how to build it.


A task management tool which helps you organize your daily tasks. Has features like login/signup, tracking active and completed tasks, and it's responsive on web and mobile.

Game of Isolation

Isolation is a 2 player game, where opponents take turns at making their piece occupy cells on the board. The last player to move wins, and the player with no legal move left loses. Explored couple of AI algorithms, like MiniMax and Alpha-Beta Pruning to train the agent.

Wanna know more about these projects? I'd love to discuss them with you!

Where have I worked ?

Work Timeline


Software Engineer - Full Stack

Feb 2020 - Present
Betterworks’ software help organizations achieve goal transparency and alignment by powering continuous, meaningful, ongoing conversations between managers and employees on progress, recognition and development.

I’m part of the engineering team for building the Engage platform, an app for launching instant surveys & pulse-polls to gather continuous feedback & drive engagement at any stage of the employee lifecycle.

Betterworks acquired Hyphen in February 2020.
Hyphen - Be Heard at Work

Software Engineer - Full Stack

Sep 2018 - Feb 2020
Hyphen was acquired by Betterworks on February 2020.

Hyphen helps organizations better understand their employees. I'm part of the engineering team for building Insights, an app for launching instant surveys & pulse-polls to gather continuous feedback & drive engagement at any stage of the employee lifecycle.

Contributed significantly to the front-end architecture, designing RESTful web services, documentation, unit testing, & resolving customer issues.
Adori Labs

Software Engineer - Backend

Dec 2015 - Jun 2016
Adori Labs
Adori Labs offers a platform for people who publish audio content, provide them with detailed analytics, and to help them further drive engagement.
As an early employee, I did the following as part of the engineering team:
  • Building the web service for the mobile phone podcast app using Go
  • Building a Web scraper that would crawl through podcast sources and store them.
  • A web portal to allow content publishers upload audio content, with a minimal set of tools to edit them.

Freelance Front End Developer (Short-term contract)

Oct 2015 - Nov 2015
Freelanced remotely as a front end developer for Stride.AI, a data and text analytics company.
  • Choosing dashboard theme, migration of existing dashboard and data visualizations into the new theme and providing front-end architecture in ReactJS
  • Integrating 3rd party APIs

Full Stack Developer | Engineering Lead

Nov 2014 - Sep 2015
Toorq (now defunct) was a hyper-local social networking app with built-in privacy features. I joined the organization as a front-end developer initially, eventually taking lead of several of the engineering efforts:
  • Building the web front-end for the platform and RESTful web services using ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB & Cassandra.
  • Hiring developers & growing the team from size 1 to 10 and training new interns/developers
  • Worked with our in-house designer to build product roadmap and features

Front End Developer

Jul 2014 - Oct 2014
Front-end development for infratab.in, an app for retailers for tracking perishable commodities.
  • Worked on the Front-End logic / views of the web app. Used browser-based libraries and MVC frameworks like jQuery, IntroJS, Backbone.js.
  • Built a product tour for the web app.
  • Writing unit tests for the UI.

Tech Skills

Database Modelling
Amazon AWS
RESTful Web Services
Google Maps API
MapBox API
JavaScript Libraries